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New Colour Edition of Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong!

Hello all! A few years ago I adapted and drew a sweet, funny young adult novel by Prudence Shen into the graphic novel Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, which was published by First Second Books in 2013. Now that comic, originally published in black and white, has a brand new edition in full colour by Alison Acton! Take a look at the pictures below for a comparison:

So exciting! If you haven’t heard of it before, NCPGW is a funny, drama-filled story of two guys, Nate & Charlie. Nate is a geek, Charlie is a jock, but they’ve been friends since childhood. Then they end up pitted against each other in a high school election, and things go HORRIBLY WRONG from there. I’m so thrilled that First Second is giving this awesome book a second chance to find its readers, especially in a young adult comic market that’s much stronger than it was when NCPGW was first published.
If you’d like to check out Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong, please follow this link for handy purchasing info.